This tax year you can invest up to £20,000 in to an Individual Savings Account (ISA). The tax year runs from 6th April 2018 to 5th April 2019.

We can help you can invest your desired amount into a Stocks & Shares ISA. Our advisers can provide guidance on which options are best for you, and discuss regular contributions if this is something you would like to do.

The annual ISA allowance is per individual. This means that a husband and wife, for example, can invest up to £40,000 between them into ISAs this tax year. We can also provide assistance with setting up Junior ISAs (JISA) to help you save for your children. You can invest £4,260 in each JISA this tax year.

The benefits of an ISA to you:

Earn income or growth on your investment with no tax liability.

No need to declare your ISA on your annual tax return.

Access your money at any time if you need to*

If you would like to know more about ISAs contact SN Financial Services Ltd for independent financial advice

01905 779697

*NB: this is not instant, and access to your funds requires processing time
Past performance is no guarantee of future performance and the value of investments can fall as well as rise.